Revolution in digital Space

The Year 2020 has been a year of change both within the real and virtual world. the huge revolution within the Digital World was extraordinary. Some changes were positive and a few negative. it had been the time of latest normal which seemed impossible before.

The year 2020 was the year of ‘Digital evolution’. Words like Work from Home, Webinars, COVID-19, Social distancing, Quarantine, etc, which we had never heard before became an integral a part of our life. It became an important keyword for digital marketing as customers demanded brands to be more emotionally appealing. it had been the time of personalization and responsible marketing which we had never experienced before.

Some changes within the digital world were evident and for a few , we had become the part even without knowing it. during this article, we'll discuss the main changes and therefore the ruling trends of the year 2020 which can still grow within the coming years too.

New Trends of Digital Marketing

We all saw a world of latest normals and new behavioural changes. We began to ascertain uncertainty before us and that we were trying to find buying things that appeared like a ‘need’ instead of a ‘want’. As a response to the present highly changing environment, the digital marketing world made its own set of Products & Services like

1. Increase in Digital Activities:

‘Meet your Customers where they are’ is that the motto of now. Every small business had optimized their brands into one or the opposite Social media platforms where targeted audiences were engaged in. 3.80 billion people were engaged in one or the opposite social media platforms with a penetration of 49% within the year 2020. Social media is now growing to be the foremost user engaging platform within the digital world.

One in three users was engaged in creating and uploading videos within the lockdown period. The gross engagement rate in gaming and social media messaging services like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp were huge during this era . because the theatres remained close, many became engaged and hooked in to the streaming services like amazon prime and Netflix. Series like Money Heist, husband , The Sex Education, The Crown and films released through such OTT platforms were ready to attract 18+million subscribers within the year 2020.

2. Customer Focused Marketing

The 2020 year saw a time of Responsible marketing and personalization in every product sold. The customer services and marketing content were within the need of a complete alternation as customers began demanding things that satisfied their emotional needs. The customer’s needs during Covid-19 was the foremost asked question by business this year. Every brand that came into the Category of luxury started trying to find strategies to sound more emotionally appealing.

3. The customers demanded

Virtual Accessibility: Customers began demanding everything they need been getting into the important world to be accessible within the virtual world too. This was highly challenging for businesses. the difference to new channels during a short time was way beyond manageable for several small businesses.

Emotionally Attaching and Updated Infos: Customers began expecting brands to be more humane and personalized. The brands that don’t use covid-19 keywords have probably did not get recognition. the necessity for updating their whole information associated with the pandemic became a necessary aspect.

Offers and Deductions: People started expecting offers and deductions thanks to the lockdown. The offers and deduction were seen because the way of getting emotionally appealing to the purchasers


4. E-Commerce Shift

COVID-19 changed online shopping forever. The year 2020 saw an up stick in e-commerce sales. People began spending increased time online and there had been a huge use of social media. it had been a time when Social media marketing saw an immense possibility in e-commerce.

The boom in Affiliate Marketers in Digital World shows the success of Social media marketing. The hiring of digital advisers for the e-commerce market increased because the period of uncertainty demanded experts within the Digital field to plan and launch advertising campaigns and successful strategies. The Ecommerce website saw a rise in website visits and conversion rate during the lockdown period. There was a rush for purchasing even groceries through eCommerce websites. With a mixture of e-commerce and social media, companies have realized that the fusion of those could create wonders.

Visual e-commerce is that the trend now with many e-commerce brands creating immersive and interactive content within the e-commerce social media handles.

5. Digital World Trends You Can’t Ignore:

If you still move with traditional methods and still ignore Darwinism within the Digital world then your brand goes to probably fail during this highly competitive digital world.

Here is that the Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

1. Content Marketing and Personalization

People want marketing to be personal. We all want one to at least one real-time connection between the marketer and us. Everywhere we go, we'd like a sense of being a neighborhood of anything we do even once we are buying a product. Conversational marketing does just that. It gives you an experience of upper engagement and loyalty from the web site you're in with a feedback-driven model. nobody likes generic advertising blasts now. Every company is challenged to make contents that provides a highly personalized experience. the sort of content you create, the useful links, and frequently updated information could drive tons of organic traffic than using SEO. this is often why many brands are focusing now on improving the content. Consistent, high-quality content can take your brand far ahead.

Video contents are capturing the interest of individuals . People not only see but also tend to share video content of brands. there's an enormous shift to video content now.

Influencer Marketing: The year 2020 saw a sudden wake of the growing number of influencers. it had been the time when brands realized it's not only the celebrities that would market your brands well but also ordinary personalities who create content on your particular niche. These contents seem to be more accepted and authentic than regular corporate advertising. Influencer marketing is therefore now the foremost used marketing technique with affiliates booming every day .

Use of Artificial Intelligence: If you think it or not, 2020 was the year where everyone became a neighborhood of AI , although you'll not remember of it. there's much reason why AI is best than normal humans because AI can analyze tons of data with accuracy and predict the longer term far beyond what attribute could grasp. We live in times of augmented reality and immersive technology. it's helped to reinforce the buyer experience and to spice up sales. The predictive analysis of AI is finding the trends and way forward for the digital world.

2. Are you wondering whether you've got used Artificial Intelligence?

We all are a part of this revolution. The chatbots you'll find on every e-commerce website is that the by-product of AI. We cannot expect humans to be responding at this fast pace and lots of of the bots do well by responding to you more naturally than normal persons which are helping you well by supplying you with instant replies.

We already see the dominance of AI in every basic communication, product recommendation, and email and this will be seen as an enormous start line for the dominance of AI everywhere you go.

Visual & Audio Searches: Visual Searches are taking people to a highly valuable user experience level. We could now just insert images and find specific results with the Pinterest lens, google lens, camping lens it's also the time of enhanced voice search and smart speakers. People tend to much more deal with audio results.

Programmatic Advertising: For reaching the targeted audience more accurately the utilization of AI is required . to urge your ad more specific and to urge faster and better conversions for your marketing campaign, automation is extremely much necessary. Programmatic advertising uses these 3 methods to lock automation:

Social Messaging Apps: People spend most of their time in social messaging apps to feel connected at the time of social distancing. So, the businesses are realizing that their targeted customers are more engaged here and therefore the marketing has begun to channelize their marketing in these messaging apps. The huge drive of those messaging app is that it's a highly profitable way of bringing more personalization and greater user experience.

3. Fast-Paced Digital World Changes:

At this point of uncertainty, a proactive approach is important for understanding trends within the Digital World because the digital world is growing quite ever. The digital trends are changing and that we need to be assuming trends. The time demanded things that were way beyond adapting. Both the important and virtual world changed rapidly and therefore the need for overnight change was something too far to catch. the normal marketers had to shift their marketing channels to the digital world. those already within the field of the digital world had to introduce something simpler that would make them more differentiated from others. As it is claimed , it's not the fittest nor the foremost intelligent that survives, it's the foremost adaptable to vary and these words have gained momentum within the historical year 2020. allow us to learn from these new chapters and upgrade ourself for the New Year .

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