Three Essential Digital Marketing Channels In 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for marketing professionals and agencies would be an understatement. While some companies and industries are affected more than that, every marketer needs to take a step back and reevaluate their marketing strategies to adapt to a suddenly changed landscape.

Many companies have taken this opportunity to jump on to the newest platforms and marketing channels to engage with their audiences in entirely new ways. There are certainly good reasons to test different and new communication channels, but when you reassess your marketing ideas, don't ignore some of the more tried-and-true digital marketing strategies that already have a track record of success.


Ever since the first motion picture, people have loved watching video content. With the advent of 4G, LTE and now 5G in mobile, and high-speed broadband running into so many homes and businesses, delivering video content suddenly became a fast and simple process. With that easy access came an explosion of video content for consumers to download or stream on whatever device they have at hand. Today, video marketing is a booming communication channel, with companies creating all kinds of content for their customers and prospects.

While the best quality video still requires higher-end equipment, it is now possible for virtually anyone to record comparatively good quality video on the smartphone in their pockets. This has given marketers the ability to get very creative with video content, without a significant financial investment. It's a far cry from the days where only bigger brands might be able to afford to shoot and leverage TV with commercials.

Video is also incredibly versatile when it comes to developing creative content. In 2020, with social distancing and work-from-home becoming the norm, video can provide a way to deliver more personal messages, while face-to-face interactions are limited. Whether that is recording videos of your company's team members in their home offices or leveraging user-generated content around product reviews, video can help bridge the gap and make a more personal connection with your audience. Once you have video content, it is easy to incorporate it into your other marketing channels, like email and social, expanding its impact.

There are many other marketing channels you should employ in your overall marketing strategy, but make sure you consider each of these as you continue to adjust your overall marketing plan for the remainder of this year and beyond.

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