You Have a chance to Refine Your Marketing Approach

2020 forced many small businesses to become focused in ways they didn’t imagine last winter. I’m not gonna enter the apparent details that we’ve all lived through recently. You’re alright conscious of them a day . At DAX , we’ve refined our approach during this point , and I’ll share how during this post. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to require actions that assist you refine your marketing approach and position you well regardless of the business season you’re in.


Your website is your online home. You own it, unlike social media profiles. It’s your publishing platform which will present who you're and the way to urge what you offer also as feed content to your other channels like email and social media.

We started our refinement process by reflecting on how our website reaches our audience , provides resources to a bigger circle beyond our target, and fulfills our operational needs.

We took time as workplace to steer through our website with a story mindset – identifying the key internal and external stories we were looking to inform and determining which prospects and clients fit the model of our character.

With this character in mind, we assessed their problems and pains and thought through what success seems like for them. We also considered their motivation to avoid failure.

This process led us to a redesign of our website. We’ve approved the interior mockups and are excited to start development soon! We can’t wait to ascertain how the new user flow and appearance resonates with new and existing clients. .



One of the top results of this introspection was a Brand Guide – or Brand Bible, if you'll . It’s a document we put together that uniquely describes our brand and the way we engage as a brand. We’ve been building these for years for our clients, but this is often the primary time we’ve ironed out these details for ourselves to the present quite degree.

Our Brand Guide will inform our Marketing Strategy and therefore the many tactical sorts of content we’ll produce in coming months and years.

We’ve also taken major steps to use more video in our marketing in 2020. it had been already a robust trend heading into the year but became even more paramount within the virtual landscape of Covid-19.

Both our use of video internally and with our partner and project clients has exploded in 2020. We’ve found very creative ways to capture video, and thus stories, during the lockdowns and limited capacity here.

If you've got an excellent story to inform , then follow a process that permits you to inform it during a genuine way – consistently – that helps your clients solve their problems. If you don’t know your unique story, then I encourage you to spend a while immediately to craft it. This isn’t the time for “me too” businesses to thrive.

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